Healthcare environments
Practical cases of use

Patient rooms

Patient rooms are enclosed spaces where people with a wide range of illnesses stay for long periods of time.In such an environment, it is strongly recommended that walls, floors, windows and all other surfaces with a lot of contact with patients and healthcare workers are treated with NPS.

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Dental clinic

Dental practices are usually closed rooms with little air circulation, equipped with few work surfaces and a central patient chair. In such premises, it is advisable to apply the product to all equipment such as the sink, furniture and the upholstery of the treatment chair.

Medical Transport Vehicles

Medical transport vehicles can be a source of contamination and should therefore be considered as treatment environments. In order to ensure a safe rescue service with regard to the risk of infection, surfaces must be sanitised.

In this case, it is advisable to apply NPS to the substrate and all other surfaces, including all handles on the medical equipment.

Paediatric outpatient clinic

A paediatrician's surgery is a closed environment usually consisting of a waiting room and examination rooms.

Disinfection must be applied to all surfaces, as these can be contaminated by even a healthy patient during access. In this case, it is recommended to apply NPS to all surfaces that are touched most frequently, such as worktops, door and window handles, light switches and seats in the waiting room.