Discover all the advantages of choosing Natural Protective ShieldTM technology

Active 24/7

Unlike other products for room disinfection, whose effectiveness is limited to a very short period of time, the NPS technology offer permanent protection of the treated surfaces and guarantee a biologically safe environment 24/7.

Guaranteed to be effective for 36 months

Following testing in accordance with ISO 22196 (recommended by hospital guidelines), we can state that the surface treated with NPS technology is permanently sanitised for at least 36 months after application.

Effective against microbial growth

All tests conducted have shown that NPS treatment is effective against microbial proliferation. NPS coatings have antibacterial (including multi-resistant bacteria), antiviral (proven efficacy against SARS-Cov-2 and other viruses) and antifungal properties.

Effective against the spread of Covid-19

Laboratory tests have shown that treatment with NPS products is effective against the establishment and proliferation of the Spike protein in environments, thus helping to limit the risk of infection through contact with infected surfaces.

Suitable for the medical and health sector

In health care facilities the use of NPS treatment is recommended for all surfaces such as floors, walls, ceilings, steel structures, and laminate structures.

The use of Natural Protective Shield reduces the risk of disease transmission to and from inpatients and safeguards the health of hospital staff and visitors.

Safe for humans and respectful of nature

The products in the NPS range are free of hazardous chemicals and are based on the mechanical action of a naturally derived molecule. NPS coatings are non-toxic to humans and environmentally friendly

Suitable for all types of surfaces

With NPS products it is possible to preserve different types of surfaces (linoleum, porcelain stoneware, steel, glass, wood, natural or artificial leather) by drastically reducing the microbial load.

The products in the NPS range are dispersible in different coating matrices, making them almost universally applicable.

Simple to apply in any area of use

The products of the NPS range are available as ready-to-use products or as universal additives for paints and varnishes. They can be easily applied to any type of surface with a spray gun, roller or brush.

Facilitates hygiene and simplifies cleaning procedures

Treatment with NPS products reduces the time and cost of normal cleaning of the treated surfaces, which do not require disinfection measures, but only the simple removal of dirt.

Reduces maintenance costs

The use of NPS treatment can significantly reduce the cost of maintaining treated areas by eliminating the remediation that would otherwise have to be carried out on a regular basis to ensure the health of the environment.